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June 2017 Archives

How is a brain injury diagnosed?

If you suffer from a head injury, it may have caused a brain injury. It is not easy for doctors in Indiana to diagnose this type of injury because of the complexity of the brain and the limitations of testing and diagnostic equipment. If you have an accident and a brain injury is suspected, you are likely to go through many different types of tests.

Suggestions for deciding on a reputable nursing home

For many Indiana families, making the decision to send their loved one to a nursing home is accompanied by feelings of worry, anxiety and stress. Often, these emotions are related to the process of finding a reputable nursing home that is capable of providing the type of compassionate care that every human deserves.

Is negligence required to prove medical malpractice?

In some Indiana personal injury situations, negligence does not have to be proven. However, in medical malpractice, it does. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, when a person’s actions do not meet expected standards, it is called negligence. In medical situations, this generally means that a medical professional did not conduct him or herself in a way that would protect patients from needless risks or injuries.

Can good prenatal care prevent birth injuries?

If you are pregnant, you probably know it is recommended that you get prenatal care in Indiana. The reason for this is simple. It is to protect you and your baby from needless harm and to ensure you both remain healthy throughout the pregnancy. In fact, prenatal care can help to stop complications and some birth injuries.