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Indiana Medical Licensing Board suspends surgeon for 90 days

Jan 27, 2023 | Doctor Errors, Medical Malpractice, Surgery

The Indiana Medical Licensing Board voted unanimously on Thursday to suspend an Indianapolis surgeon’s medical license for 90 days.

A suspension petition submitted to the board questioned the doctor’s fitness to practice. The petition claimed the doctor was a “clear and present danger to the public.”

An investigation conducted by the Indiana Attorney General found questionable practices on the part of the doctor. These included conducting surgeries in his office, which is not certified as an outpatient surgical center. In addition, 18 malpractice claims have been filed with the Indiana Insurance Department against the doctor.

At the hearing the doctor said he practices bariatric (weight loss) and general surgery. On social media, however, the doctor advertised body contouring, tummy tucks and breast augmentation.

In November a patient went to the doctor for liposuction, and the results were tragic, according to the suspension petition. The doctor performed the liposuction procedure, but he allegedly punctured the patient’s bowel and the patient eventually died.

During the licensing board hearing, the board asked the doctor how he simultaneously administers anesthesia while performing surgery. The doctor said he has “looked into” bringing in an anesthesiologist.

At the hearing, the doctor’s attorney said that seeking a suspension was a “rush to judgment.”

The doctor will appear in front of the licensing board again in April.