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How Nursing Errors Can Cause Injuries

Like physicians, nurses are required to exercise reasonable care in treating their patients. And, like physicians, nurses who fail to exercise reasonable care are legally accountable for harms that befall their patients as a result.

Neglect And Failure To Report

In today’s health care environment, nurses frequently serve as the eyes and ears of the doctor. They are responsible for monitoring the patient’s condition and promptly reporting to the doctor when there is reason for concern. Many nursing malpractice cases arise from a nurse’s failure to report worrisome signs such as a drop in blood pressure, decreased urine output or altered mental status.

Nursing malpractice cases can also arise from the nurse’s negligent administration of medication or the nurse’s inattention to the safety, comfort, and hygiene of the patient. A nurse administering medication may provide the wrong dosage or misplace the IV used to infuse the medication. A nurse may neglect to turn the patient in her bed as frequently necessary, resulting in the patient developing bedsores. Or a nurse may fail to raise the bedrails on a patient who is at risk for falling, allowing the patient to get out of her bed without assistance and fall.

Examples Of Our Nursing Error Cases

Some examples of nursing negligence cases our attorneys have successfully handled include:

  • Nurses fail to advise an obstetrician of worrisome signs on a fetal monitor strip, resulting in the baby being born with severe brain damage.
  • Nurses fail to monitor a child’s vital signs after the administration of a potent painkiller, resulting in the child’s respiratory arrest and death.
  • Nurses fail to monitor a patient experiencing mental status changes after heart surgery. The patient is found unconscious on the floor in his room and subsequently dies.

Take The Next Steps

If you have suffered serious harm due to a nursing error, there are legal steps you can take to hold the nurse and/or hospital accountable. At Garau Germano, P.C., we are committed to representing patients who have suffered due to these errors. Our lawyers understand the common mistakes and will thoroughly investigate the incident to determine whether you have a viable medical malpractice claim.

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