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Holding Perpetrators Of Sexual Abuse Accountable

The criminal justice system does not always provide survivors of sexual abuse with justice. However, survivors have the option of using the civil court system to hold their abusers accountable for their actions.

At Garau Germano, P.C., we have experience working with sexual abuse survivors throughout Indiana. Our attorneys will strive to hold individuals, schools, religious organizations, athletic teams or other institutions liable for the harm inflicted on you. Many of our clients come to us as referrals, which is a testament to our reputation for helpful, compassionate representation.

Why Should I Consider A Civil Lawsuit?

A civil lawsuit is a powerful tool for you as a survivor. It allows you to file a civil action against an individual abuser and/or the institution that allowed the abuse you endured to happen. In some situations, a class action lawsuit – a lawsuit involving multiple people – gives plaintiffs strength in numbers and is more efficient than numerous individual lawsuits. A civil case is not the same as a criminal one – it does not result in jail charges, though you can file a lawsuit concurrently with an ongoing criminal case.

Through legal action, you have a way to force the perpetrator to face responsibility for what they did. You can also recover compensation for your damages, including bills for hospital stays and medication related to trauma. Finally, because lawsuits are a matter of public record, you have a way to let the world know what your abuser did and prevent them from doing it again to anyone else.

Experienced In Working With Survivors

One of our attorneys, Ashley Hadler, has extensive training on how to work with survivors of trauma and is heavily involved in the National Crime Victim Bar Association. She can also represent you in criminal proceedings against the perpetrator. You can feel confident placing your trust in Ms. Hadler and our entire team as we devote ourselves to advocating for you.

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