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How To Check A Doctor’s Medical Malpractice History

When you choose a doctor, you want to be assured the doctor is competent. One thing to consider is the doctor’s history. You would want to know if a doctor has a significant history of medical malpractice lawsuits or disciplinary actions.

At Garau Germano, P.C., we offer clients from Indianapolis and throughout Indiana thorough, compassionate representation in medical malpractice cases. We listen to our clients, examine the medical records and advocate for injured patients at every stage to pursue the compensation they need. We can help you get the answers to your questions.

How Can I Conduct A Background Search On A Health Care Practitioner?

There are many ways to find information about a specific doctor’s history. The Indiana Patient’s Compensation Fund allows you to search for malpractice claims made against health care providers. The Fund’s search will allow you to see how many malpractice claims have been made against the provider, whether a medical review panel found that the provider committed malpractice, and whether the provider paid to settle the claim. The Indiana Professional Licensing Agency also maintains online records of license litigation. When conducting a search, look for actions taken by the Indiana Medical Licensing board.

How Do I Find Complaints Made Against Health Care Providers?

State licensing boards, once again, often maintain records of a health care provider’s disciplinary history but some complaints do not rise to the level of disciplinary action.

An online web search of the doctor can often reveal important information. That said, online searches and client reviews may not give you the full or accurate picture of the medical care your doctor provides.

How To Make A Good Decision When Selecting A Doctor

After researching the doctor fully and looking at all available information, you have to make a choice. Many doctors allow you to meet with them before becoming their patient, and you can learn a lot in one of those meetings.

Any Doctor Can Make A Mistake

There is no guarantee that your doctor will not make mistakes in providing care. No one is perfect, and that includes medical professionals. If you are injured due to a medical mistake, reach out to our medical malpractice attorneys. We will investigate the facts and build a strategy to help you get the compensation you deserve. Call our office at 317-978-9973 or send us an email.