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Legal Options After A Heart Attack Misdiagnosis

The American Heart Association describes a heart attack as an illness that “occurs when the blood flow that brings oxygen to the heart muscle is severely reduced or cut off completely.” While you may be able to describe a heart attack in a single sentence, doctors still have issues diagnosing them. When doctors fail to diagnose these illnesses, it may be because of malpractice.

At Garau Germano, P.C., we know that misdiagnosis of a heart attack can cause muscle death and permanent heart scars or even death. When the consequences of malpractice can last a lifetime, the victim should receive a settlement that reflects the consequences.

Do You Have Grounds For A Lawsuit?

Before we can provide you with compensation for consequences like lost income, medical expenses and pain and suffering, we need to be able to prove that malpractice happened in the first place. A misdiagnosis can happen when a doctor mistakes a heart attack as something like heartburn or even gets incorrect test results because of user or mechanical errors.

If the misdiagnosis was caused by faulty equipment, the hospital may be liable for not maintaining their devices or the manufacturer may be liable for producing dangerous products. If the doctor was responsible, they may be liable or the hospital may be liable because they hired a dangerous employee.

How We Help Your Claim

When our Indiana clients come to us with a malpractice claim, we take the time to review the unique circumstances of their situation before identifying who is most liable and what we can do to maximize the compensation they deserve.

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