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How to Avoid ER Mistakes

Jun 16, 2017 | Firm News, Hospital Negligence

An Indiana emergency room is a fast-paced and busy environment. Because many cases of medical negligence occur due to human error, it is only natural that the ER is the perfect setting for such mistakes. While medical providers hold the ultimate responsibility to prevent such errors, patients should also take a proactive role in their care and do their part to ensure mistakes do not happen.

According to Saponaro, Inc., some of the top reasons for medical errors in the ER include miscommunications, delays, surgical errors, testing issues, and misdiagnoses. There are also cases where rushed handwriting is difficult to read, leading to mistakes in administering drugs or courses of treatment. Such errors can result in serious consequences for the patient.

Reader’s Digest notes that patients can take some control over their care and help to prevent some of the common ER mistakes. Patients should always ask questions and not be afraid to get clarification about anything they are unclear on. They should also provide complete medical information, including a list of medications they are currently on. It is also important for patients to be honest and clear about the symptoms they are experiencing. Even minor omissions in personal health information could lead to a serious issue, such as a bad drug interaction or an incorrect diagnosis.

It is also important that patients follow all orders given to them by a medical professional. This includes following up with their doctor, getting tests and taking medication prescribed. It can also help for a patient to bring someone with them to the ER. This person can help remember information and provide information if the patient is unable.