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Suggestions for Deciding on a Reputable Nursing Home

Jun 27, 2017 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice

For many Indiana families, making the decision to send their loved one to a nursing home is accompanied by feelings of worry, anxiety, and stress. Often, these emotions are related to the process of finding a reputable nursing home that is capable of providing the type of compassionate care that every human deserves.

In an article released by the Huffington Post, people who are seeking suggestions for how to find the right nursing home will find some valuable advice including the following:

  • List options: The first step that every family should take is to create a cumulative list of options. People should focus their attention on facilities that have received positive rankings on attributes related to cleanliness, attentive care, public disclosure of procedures and demeanor of patients among other things.
  • Schedule a tour: Families should not be afraid to spend their time touring facilities they are interested in pursuing. Throughout these tours, they should observe the attitude of staff members, the relationships between patients and staff, the cleanliness and maintenance of the building, and the condition of patients.
  • Compare facilities: Once a family has narrowed down their options to their top two or three choices, it is time for them to perform an in-depth comparison. Factors related to staffing, customer ratings, health inspection history and overall quality of care should be compared side-by-side before any kind of decision is made.

According to National Center on Elder Abuse, in 2012 the number of elderly people aged 85 and older was documented at 5.9 million. This number is projected to reach 8.9 million in 2030. Forecasts suggest that this number will only become significantly larger at nearly 18 million, in the year 2050.