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July 2018 Archives

Why is bed rest prescribed during pregnancy?

If you are pregnant, one of the things you may dread hearing from your Indiana doctor is that you have to go on bed rest. Bed rest is a commonly prescribed solution during pregnancy, and doctors require it for many reasons. According to the Mayo Clinic, bed rest is typically prescribed when there are issues with the placenta or are at risk of going into labor early. However, bed rest is no longer a standard of care used by most doctors.

Childbirth injuries in Indiana hospitals: What causes them?

You may recall exactly what you were doing when you went into labor. Whether you were about to give birth to your first child or already had several kids at home who were eager to greet their newest sibling, you were likely excited, a bit anxious and more than ready to navigate the final stage of your pregnancy, working toward your final goal of holding your newborn baby in your arms.

Is dirty air a problem in hospitals?

Many people fear going to the hospital because they believe they might catch an illness just from being in the hospital itself. The fact that so many people visit the hospital each year makes it important that hospital staff keep the facilities clean so that infections do not spread. However, sometimes an Indianapolis hospital staff may overlook their own ventilation system as a possible avenue for pathogens to spread.  

What special care is needed for Alzheimer's patients?

Alzheimer's is a serious disease that eats away at a person's mind until they become a shell of the person they once were. It is very painful to watch a loved one slip away due to the disease. Because there is no cure and treatments can only delay symptoms at best, it is imperative that doctors and other care givers in Indiana learn how to properly care for a patient.

What factors lead to incorrect drug prescriptions?

When you receive a prescription from your Indiana doctor after a hospital stay or examination, you should be confident that the prescribed medication is what you need to treat your condition or help you recover without causing you any additional health problems. But sometimes patients can be prescribed the wrong drug. This should not happen, but it does, thanks to a number of factors that can make a health care provider confuse one drug for another.