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Childbirth Injuries in Indiana Hospitals: What Causes Them?

Jul 25, 2018 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice

You may recall exactly what you were doing when you went into labor. Whether you were about to give birth to your first child or already had several kids at home who were eager to greet their newest sibling, you were likely excited, a bit anxious and more than ready to navigate the final stage of your pregnancy, working toward your final goal of holding your newborn baby in your arms.

Sadly, childbirth in Indiana hospitals doesn’t always go so smoothly. In fact, some mothers face dire circumstances when their babies suffer injuries during or after the birthing process. What’s worse is that many of these injuries are direct results of doctor errors, mistakes that were entirely preventable. Some children never fully recover from their birth injuries. If you’re a mom in a similar situation, you’ll want to know where to turn for support.

Injury situations that may be avoidable

Doctors are human and, therefore, are capable of making mistakes. However, you have the right to reasonably expect that the doctor attending your child’s birth will act according to the highest level of accepted safety standards. If one of the following issues arises, then this may not be the case:

  • Your doctors and nurses have no doubt monitored your progress throughout your pregnancy. They may continue to monitor your labor and delivery. If one person makes a monitor-related error, your child may pay the dearest price.
  • Equipment malfunctions are hazards as well. The person doing the monitoring may be adhering to protocol, but if the machine is not working properly, it can be disastrous.
  • Your doctor will no doubt handle your infant during childbirth, especially if a precarious situation arises, such as a breech position where the doctor must try to turn the baby so he or she can safely enter the birth canal. Mistakes during manipulation may cause injury.
  • If you receive medication during childbirth and your doctor prescribes the wrong dose or a nurse makes a mistake in administering the drug, your childbirth experience can quickly turn from joyful to tragic.

If your beloved child falls victim to a doctor’s carelessness, you may understandably feel frustrated, betrayed and angry. As you try your best to take loving care of your child and help him or her to live as high quality of life as possible, you may also want to seek justice on his or her behalf.