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Lawsuit Alleging Negligence Settled, Patient Awarded $2M

Sep 12, 2018 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice

When people visit their health care provider in Indiana to seek medical assistance, chances are they have usually done their research to find a doctor who they trust and are comfortable with. However, sometimes doctors can make critical mistakes that leave the well-being and safety of their patients in question. As such, it is important that people are aware of what negligence is so they can immediately respond if they are the recipients of questionable medical care.

In a recent story out of Columbus, Mississippi, a woman has been awarded a sum in excess of $2M after winning a lawsuit she filed against her OB-GYN in which she claimed that he was negligent. There were multiple accusations against the doctor in which the patient and other witnesses described how the doctor had failed to provide a high quality of care to the pregnant woman. Upon further research, it was discovered that the doctor had left the hospital on more than one occasion to go home. Additionally, he made premature judgments with regard to inducing labor before the infant was ready. Other mistakes included not performing a necessary hysterectomy and allowing too much time to lapse before initiating a cesarean section.

Despite the fact that the doctor strongly backed his decisions and defended his actions, the woman was awarded the money for the emotional and physical trauma she sustained. It was also disclosed that another surgeon had to perform more surgeries to repair the damages caused by her OB-GYN.

If people have been injured because of medical malpractice, they may wish to hire an attorney for support. A legal professional is capable of gathering factual evidence and presenting it in a persuasive manner to give people the best chance at winning the compensation they deserve.

Source: KNOE News, “Jury awards woman more than $2M in lawsuit against OB-GYN,” Sept. 5, 2018