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September 2017 Archives

How a second opinion can save not just your wallet, but your life

If a doctor has recently diagnosed you with a serious condition or illness, you may be feeling any of a variety of emotions:  fear, worry, trepidation, anxiety and more. However, before you become too overwhelmed or begin any expensive and intrusive treatments, you may want to consider seeking a second opinion.

Doctors errors: Failure to admit leads to more mistakes

One reason why some people in Indianapolis are afraid to go to see their doctors is a lack of trust. These professionals are responsible for providing the utmost quality of care for their patients. However, when they make mistakes, many of them do not own up to or admit them. By law, doctors, hospitals and medical facilities must report all adverse events and errors. 

What is wrong-site surgery?

From medication errors that result in a patient taking the wrong prescription to carelessness during a medical operation, there are many types of medical malpractice that leave patients with serious challenges. However, surgical errors such as wrong-site surgery can be especially hard for victims and their family. When wrong-site surgeries occur, they may leave patients with a world of problems, including tremendous pain (physical and emotional), financial problems, and more. In some cases, these surgical errors even result in the loss of life. As a patient, it is important to be aware of the different types of surgical errors, such as wrong-site surgery, and immediately take action if you or a loved one falls victim to this serious mistake.

What expectant mothers need to know about gestational diabetes

When a woman in Indiana discovers that she is pregnant, she probably already understands that she is facing several months of check-ups, exams and medical tests. According to the Mayo Clinic, one standard screening reveals gestational diabetes mellitus, which is a condition that generally begins in the second half of a pregnancy. 

The dangers of false positive test results

When a patient sees a doctor in Indiana, he or she has a reasonable expectation that the doctor will not make an errors. However, when it comes to medical tests, more people than just the doctor are involved. This increases the chances a mistake will be made. In fact, false positive results are quite common, according to MedScape.