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Many Birth Injuries Are Preventable

Mar 31, 2017 | Firm News, Pregnancy-Related Injuries

It can be a devastating experience to have the glorious event of a child’s birth turn into a terrifying situation involving a birth injury in Indiana. Babies are the most at risk, though mothers can experience injuries, too. There are many reasons why these injuries can occur. According to Stanford Children’s Health, physical injuries to a baby can occur due to difficult labor or one that is prolonged, prematurity, the mother’s pelvis being too narrow or the baby being too big.

Common injuries are those to the upper body, including the shoulders and head. Asphyxiation can be a risk if the child gets stuck in the birth canal. Bruising is very likely to occur during birth and usually go away on its own without lasting effects. Other more serious issues include facial paralysis, fractures, and brachial palsy.

According to HealthcareBusinessTech.com, some hospitals have created special plans, called care bundles, to reduce birth injuries. It has been found that better prenatal care and assessment can greatly reduce the risk of birth injuries. Addressing complications, like preexisting conditions or conditions developed during the pregnancy, along with properly assess the size of the baby, can help doctors to better plan the delivery and avoid common problems. Increased communication between staff, increased assessments of the baby and mother and an overall stricter approach to staff requirements make these care bundles effective.

Participating hospitals reported a decrease of 15 percent in complications for mothers and a reduction of 22 percent in birth trauma for babies. The spread in the use of such practices could help to further reduce the number of birth injuries occurring every year. It is estimated that 30 percent of the injuries to babies are preventable.