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Proper Infant Screening Is Critical for Uncovering Health Issues

Sep 11, 2016 | Firm News, Pregnancy-Related Injuries

Once a baby has been delivered, he or she must undergo a series of tests. These tests are used to make sure that the baby is healthy and does not have any conditions that may require special attention. The tests should be conducted before the baby leaves the hospital. And if a baby was not born in a hospital, parents should take him or her to be checked out within a few days of the birth.

The screening process involves the following:

  • A critical congenital heart defects screening. The screening involves a process called “pulse oximetry,” which can catch the presence of CCHDs prior to signs of a condition becoming noticeable.
  • A hearing test, which is painless and easy. The baby may even sleep through the screening.
  • A blood test in which a sample of a few drops is taken from the baby’s heel.

In addition, newborns are screened for a variety of conditions, including those that could inhibit his or her ability to process certain nutrients, those that cause hormonal deficiencies, and hemoglobin disorders such as sickle cell disease.

When you have your baby screened, hopefully, the results will show that he or she is healthy and free of any dangerous conditions or disorders. But it is incumbent upon the staff members of your healthcare facility to conduct the tests properly.

Likewise, doctors must carefully assess the test results. If there are any issues, your doctor must act accordingly to get your baby the necessary treatment. Failure to treat a condition in a timely manner could cause a newborn to suffer long-term consequences.

If your baby’s health was placed in jeopardy because a doctor or other attending health care professional handled the testing process in a negligent manner, a birth injury attorney may be able to offer you assistance. The attorney could work on your behalf in an effort to get you compensation for the care and treatment of your baby.