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Patients Say Psychiatrist Pressured Them Into Relationships

Mar 7, 2019 | Firm News, Psychiatry

Many in Indianapolis might assume that allegations of medical malpractice would only arise after one has suffered due to a doctor’s clinical error. Yet such lawsuits can also be filed due to a practitioner’s conduct, not necessarily the direct results of their care. They are also not limited to doctors, surgeons and hospitals; dentists, chiropractors and psychiatrists can also become the targets of malpractice litigation. In the case of a psychiatrist, patients often come to trust them and rely heavily on their advice. Abusing that trust may certainly constitute a negligent act.

Such negligence is what three women are citing in their claims against a prominent Massachusetts psychiatrist. The man (who is also an author and frequent guests on local and national television shows) had reportedly been treating the women for depression. They claim that throughout the course of their treatment, the doctor pressured them into engaging in sexual relationships, even going so far as to reward one patient with free treatment sessions. For his part, the doctor denies any wrongdoing.

Due to the uniqueness of the services that they offer, practitioners in all types of clinical fields can be said to hold a distinct position of power of their patients. At the same time, patients should be left in charge of dictating the course of their care. If a provider attempts to abuse their position of authority to coax a patient into doing something they are not comfortable with, then a strong case may be made that the provider has committed malpractice. Those who need assistance in making such a case may find in it in the form of an experienced attorney.

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