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Research Suggests That FDA Was Aware of Doctors’ Abuse of Opioids

Aug 16, 2018 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice

Doctors are required to undergo rigorous educational training to prepare them for the responsibilities they will take on in helping treat people who need medical attention. One of the aspects of their job training revolves around prescription use. They have to be well-versed in the use and benefit of hundreds of prescriptions and have an awareness to determine which are the most effective at treating specific symptoms. However, there are times in Indiana when even the finest doctors may make a bad decision out of haste, misunderstanding or deliberate ignorance.

According to a recent research study released to the public, results suggest that members of the Food and Drug Administration were aware of incidents in which doctors were misusing opioids. It was reported that only 77 percent of the health care experts who were contacted actually understood the correct use of prescription opioids. The danger arises for patients who are prescribed opioids to help manage pain but are intolerant to the potency of the drugs. Tolerance is acquired over time and with consistent exposure to controlled dosages, but some doctors are recklessly prescribing opioids and falsifying reports that discuss their usage of such drugs in treating their patients.

The FDA has been aware of the misuse by several doctors and health care providers, but have made little effort to prevent such misconduct from happening again. In other circumstances, the FDA has not even tried to stop the abusers from continuing their dangerous use of the drug. There is some speculation that the FDA’s apparent ignorance of opioid misuse could actually be a misunderstanding in which they have entrusted drug companies to take primary responsibility for the regulation and distribution of their own drugs.

If people have been injured because of the negligence of their health care provider, they may be eligible for compensation for the damages they have suffered. An attorney can help to put a case together and represent injured clients in a way that is effective and powerful.

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