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Does the Way Your Doctor Treat You Affect Your Health?

Aug 24, 2018 | Doctor Errors, Firm News

When it is time for you to visit your doctor, chances are you have done some degree of research in finding a health care provider who you trust to give you the attention and care that you need. In fact, in doing your research for trustworthy doctors in Indiana, you have probably read about what you can do to protect yourself against errors made by reckless, careless or distracted doctors. However, have you ever considered that just the way your doctor treats you could also affect your general wellbeing?

There is little else as unsettling as working with a health care professional who is impatient or unwilling to answer your questions. In fact, their inconsideration should actually be a red flag because many medical errors first start with ignorance, miscommunication or carelessness. According to HealthDay, a study was conducted to observe the relationship between patients and their providers. The results of the study indicated that people who have a positive and trusting relationship with their doctor experience significantly better outcomes than patients who are not satisfied with their treatment.

If you are ever questioning your doctor’s advice, unsure if they have heard you correctly or are confused about information you have received, do not be afraid to ask questions. Often, your doctor may not even be aware of your concerns unless you bring them forward and disclose your feelings in an effort to get clarification. With your questions answered, you can make a better and more confident decision about which treatment to pursue.

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