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Woman’s Death Leads to Charges for NY Doctor

Jun 4, 2018 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice

For many people seeking quality medical treatment in Indiana, one of their concerns is finding a physician who understands medicine and is committed to advocating for their best interest. However, there are times when doctors make mistakes because of a lack of communication or because the patient failed to disclose parts of their medical history. There are also times when because of a doctor’s negligence, a patient may suffer debilitating injury or death.

This is exactly what happened when a New York doctor was negligent and ignored signs that one of his patients was gravely ill following an abortion procedure he performed that did not go as planned. The woman went into the doctor’s office seeking an abortion, but sometime during the procedure, the doctor severed her uterine aorta which resulted in fatal injuries. Because the woman’s cervix had ripped and her uterine wall was punctured, she ultimately bled to death. However, investigators found that in the hours prior to her death, the woman exhibited signs that she was in danger including when she passed out in one of the bathrooms at the doctor’s office.

Defendants of the doctor claimed the woman never disclosed previous medical conditions to her doctor that could have contributed to her fatal injuries. While they acknowledged the tragedy of the situation, they contended that the doctor never committed a crime. Other reports suggested the doctor had previously been investigated for complaints including using staff who lacked proper medical training among other things.

If people have been injured because their doctor has acted negligently, they may wish to hire an attorney to help them represent their case. A legal professional may be able to provide clarification of different legalities as the case is addressed in a court.

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