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What Are the Dangers of Overusing Antibiotics?

Jun 25, 2018 | Doctor Errors, Firm News

Antibiotics have been an amazing medical breakthrough. They’ve saved countless lives and stopped many diseases. However, as increased use of these medications becomes prevalent, there is now an issue with antibiotic use. As much good as they can do, they can also become harmful.

According to the Mayo Clinic, antibiotic resistance is a huge issue in medical care today. This occurs when antibiotics are overused and the bacteria causing an illness becomes resistant to the antibiotic. Essentially, the medication no longer is effective against the illness. You can take an antibiotic, but it may not do any good.

Antibiotic resistance is directly related to overprescribing antibiotics. Some health care professionals may be prescribing them even when they are not needed. For example, an antibiotic is useless against a viral infection, yet some doctors still prescribe them as a precaution. This type of approach is what has led to this problem.

If antibiotic resistance continues and spreads, it could lead to many problems. You could be forced to see the doctor more often and pay more for the treatment of a simple bacterial infection. You may find it takes longer to recover from infection or that the infection is more severe than usual. Bacterial infections may become so strong and resistant to common treatments that they may not be able to be treated effectively. This will require further research and the development of new drugs to combat these super bacteria. This information is for education and is not legal advice.