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A Closer Look at the Purpose of a Vacuum Extractor

May 22, 2018 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice

For many women, childbirth is an exciting time filled with many emotions including joy and anxiety. For mothers who experience complications during the labor process in Indiana, they may wish to learn more about what could happen during the process of delivery. One of the resources that their doctor may use is called a vacuum extractor. This device was invented to facilitate the safe delivery of babies that may be stuck inside of the birth canal. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, using vacuum extractors during delivery pose a threat of injury to both the mother and the baby, especially if the doctor uses the tool incorrectly or forcefully. There are a few standard circumstances under which this resource may be considered during delivery including the following:

  • A baby’s heartbeat is slowing and the infant is showing signs of distress.
  • A mother has spent considerable time pushing, but the baby is not progressing through the birth canal.
  • A doctor suspects a threatening health concern in either the mother or the baby. 

A vacuum extractor should only be used after specific requirements have been met. Healthline said that some of these conditions include that the cervix must be completely dilated, the mother’s membranes should be ruptured and the doctor must be aware of the position of the baby’s head. Additionally, the baby’s head must be inside of the birth canal, and the mother’s pregnancy should be considered full-term before a vacuum extractor is considered. If doctors suggest the use of an extractor, patients should not be afraid to ask questions about how the process works and what risks they should be aware of.