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What Can You Expect During Your Preemie’s NICU Stay?

Mar 26, 2018 | Birth Injuries, Firm News

If you are expecting the arrival of your new baby in Indiana, chances are you have spent considerable time preparing and organizing to make your little one’s transition smooth and exciting. However, there are undoubtedly times when infants arrive earlier than anticipated and may require extra care before they are allowed to return home with their parents. If you are concerned about your infant being premature or have received word from your doctor that your baby could be a preemie, you may benefit from understanding what types of equipment and procedures are used in the NICU to provide reliable assistance to your new little family member. 

According to americanpregnancy.org, there are many types of staff members you may encounter that each specializes in various practices. Some of the people that may help care for your baby include respiratory therapists, social workers, dieticians, neonatologists and occupational therapists among others. Your newborn may require help breathing depending on his or her condition and reason for being in the NICU. Some of the things you may notice include ventilators, oxygen hoods, and C-PAP machinery. Your baby may need an endotracheal tube which is designed to give him or her direct access to warm, humidified air. 

There are several methods by which your baby may be fed. Some of these include a central line, an IV or an umbilical catheter. Other ways of feeding your baby via the oral or nasal passageways may also be explored. Eventually, when your baby is strong enough, you may be able to try breastfeeding him or her. 

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