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Using Mental Activity to Protect Your Loved One in a Nursing Home

Mar 30, 2018 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice

If you have made the decision to place your elderly loved one in an Indiana nursing home, chances are you have begun to compare your options to find a facility that best mirrors the needs of your family member. At Garau Germano PC, we know it can be challenging to help your loved one make the transition from being independent to needing help. We have been able to help many families to navigate the challenges that sometimes arise in a nursing home environment.

When you begin looking for a facility, you may have compared factors such as how accessible medical care is, the demeanor of the staff and residents, and the location. However, another important aspect to look at is the activities and community involvement of the facilities you are considering. Because nursing home injuries can sometimes happen, you may wish to encourage your loved one to stay active and exercise his or her mental aptitude in an effort to stay vigilant and aware. This kind of awareness may help to protect him or her as recognition and disclosure of potential hazards can occur before an accident happens.

According to AgingCare.com, if you allow your loved one time to settle and acclimate to his or her new environment, it may allow him or her the opportunity to get to know other residents and enjoy some of the activities. Committed facilities will provide lots of different activities that appeal to a variety of interests and that are designed to encourage residents to interact and make friendships.

By looking for a facility who prioritizes activities and encourages resident participation, you may be able to help your loved one maintain mental alertness which can decrease his or her chances of being a victim of a nursing home injury. For more information about preventing nursing home injuries, visit our web page