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Medical Errors That Are Both Dangerous and Preventable

Jan 29, 2018 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice

When people go to the doctor in Indiana because they are experiencing discomfort or strange symptoms, their primary belief is that they will return home with medication and a treatment plan. More often than not, doctors are able to successfully treat their patients and provide them with the resources they need to heal and return to full health. However, there are circumstances when doctors do make mistakes. Often, these missteps are the result of confusion, fatigue, and even blatant ignorance. 

The Washington Post reports that medical malpractice is alarmingly, the third cause of death in the United States each year. Edging out serious illnesses like strokes and Alzheimer’s, medical mistakes cost 251,000 people their lives every year. Some believe that there is too high of a degree of tolerance and that far more stringent guidelines should be in place to protect patients from potentially life-threatening errors. 

What is even more concerning is that many of these errors are preventable when health care professionals pay close attention to their actions. According to U.S. News, the most common errors that are also preventable include infections from central lines, too much oxygen, medication errors, too much blood and infections resulting from poorly executed health care procedures. Preventing medical errors has to be the overarching goal for all of the professionals in the health care industry from technology experts to hospital administration staff. Additionally, patients should be proactive about being involved in their treatment to guarantee they are receiving the type of care that properly relates to their needs and the symptoms they are experiencing.