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Care Center Accused of Putting Profits Before Patients

Dec 4, 2017 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice

The healthcare system in Indianapolis extends far beyond clinics and hospitals. A patient’s care may require long-term oversight, which could require a stay at a nursing home or skilled nursing facility. While the staffs at such facilities typically do not have the same level of training and expertise as those in hospitals, surgical centers or even outpatient clinics, they are caregivers nonetheless. That title charges them to devote the same level of commitment to patient care and safety as one would expect to receive at any other healthcare facility. A failure to deliver on that expectation may certainly be viewed as negligence. 

A care center in Pennsylvania has been accused of just that by the family of one of its former residents. The family of the man (who is now deceased) is claiming through a medical malpractice lawsuit that the problems he experienced while in the center led to the deterioration of his condition. They sought care thereafter the man required continuous special assistance following amputations to his lower extremities. The center claimed to be able to provide such assistance, yet while there, the man experienced repeated falls and illnesses that required further hospitalizations. 

What is more, the family claims that the problems the man experienced were due to staffing shortages, and that facility management was aware of such shortages yet chose to do nothing about it. They also say that the facility intentionally brought in high-acuity patients knowing they would be reimbursed more for their care. A healthcare provider’s motivation should be the well-being of its patients, not money. Those who feel as though they or their loved ones suffered due to a facility’s pursuit of a healthier bottom line may want to consider securing the services of an attorney should they choose to initiate legal action.