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The Reality of Doctor Errors

Aug 15, 2017 | Doctor Errors, Firm News

Ideally, all states in America should offer equal medical services for every patient. Unfortunately, this is not the case, especially in Indiana, where research shows that medical errors have reached an all-time high.

Specific doctors have been the target for investigation across the state of Indiana. The New York Times reports on the devastating effects of medical malpractice in the area. Types of malpractice — especially in cities across Indiana — include unnecessary operations and medication. Reports show that in the year 2015, 293 patients had filed lawsuits against doctors in the area who had performed needless procedures. The Indiana state Medicaid program has since launched an investigation on these doctors, yet other doctors in the practice have denied such claims of medical error. One explanation for this large number of incidents could be due to Medicare and its reimbursement of cardiology-related procedures. Because cardiology is a big moneymaker for hospitals, many physicians compromise work ethic with the high revenue system.

The Safe Patient Project is one of many organizations that seeks to help those affected by medical malpractice and helps raise awareness about medical harm. The organization offers state information on medical errors and confirms that Indiana is rated one of the worst in the nation for failing to keep patients informed about bad doctors. As a result, patients have difficulty determining whether certain doctors have been put on probation or made malpractice payouts. On top of the often dangerous illnesses and health issues many patients face on a daily basis, they also experience the added stress of choosing a doctor they can trust. Consumers Union has urged all state medical boards to modify provided information so patients can fully understand all angles of their chosen medical practice.