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What Are Some Common Hospital Negligence Issues?

May 24, 2017 | Firm News, Hospital Negligence

During a visit to an Indiana hospital, you probably think that you will be taken care of and whatever ails you will be made better. The last thing you may think about is something going wrong due to hospital negligence. However, this happens more often than you may think. Consumer Reports outlines a couple common negligence issues that occur in hospitals.

Medication errors happen quite a bit and often involve the wrong dosage being given. Sometimes, though, you could get the wrong medication. In either case, it can result in severe side effects. You can ensure you are informed about medications by knowing which ones have been prescribed for you, along with the dosage you are supposed to get and verifying every medication you are given.

Improper discharging is something that may occur due to overcrowding, insurance regulations, mistakes or oversights. Many times, issues happen because patients are discharged before they are ready. If you leave the hospital too early, you could risk aggravating your condition or increase your chances of infection. You should always get proper aftercare instructions and be clear on what you should watch out for as far as infections.

Many negligence issues occur due to human error. You can act as your own advocate by being more aware and informed about your care. Do not be afraid to ask questions and request information to help you stay on top of your medical needs. This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.