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An Anoxic Injury Could Alter Your Baby’s Life at Birth

Nov 23, 2016 | Firm News, Pregnancy-Related Injuries

Parents can have varying expectations for their children, even before they are born. Perhaps you envision your baby eventually going to college and having a successful career. Or maybe you would like your child to be creative and inquisitive. But regardless of their specific wishes, all parents share one hope; that their children are happy, healthy and able to one day become self-sufficient adults.

Of course, your baby’s birth will mark the starting point of the journey that is called life, and if all goes well with the delivery, he or she will likely be off to a good start. But unfortunately, some babies are deprived of the chance of growing and living normally.

A birth injury can alter the entire course of both your child’s and your life. For example, if your baby fails to get enough oxygen during the delivery, he or she could suffer what is known as an anoxic injury.

And if this happens, your baby may develop cerebral palsy. CP can negatively impact a child’s muscle control, balance, posture, motor skills and a host of other important functions. These issues are permanent, meaning the child will require special, lifelong care.

If you suspect that your baby may have suffered an anoxic injury due to negligence on behalf of the attending physician or staff, it is imperative that the matter is investigated. And we at Garau Germano, P.C. have a thorough understanding of how to determine if your child’s condition was due to medical malpractice. To learn more about our approach to seeking compensation and the services we offer, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.