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Taking Control After Birth Injuries

Jan 24, 2016 | Birth Injuries, Firm News

Pregnancy is an exciting, stressful time in any parent’s life. There are so many things a pregnant woman is supposed to do to protect her unborn child and mothers-to-be go to great lengths to ensure they are taking what they need to take and avoiding what they need to avoid in the hopes of delivering a healthy baby.

However, all that work and sacrifice can seemingly be for naught if a baby is injured during delivery through no fault of the parents. If you are the parent of a baby injured before, during or shortly after birth, it can be crucial that you understand you have the option to take control of the situation and explore your legal options.

To determine if there are grounds to pursue a legal claim against a hospital or individual medical professional, details of your pregnancy and labor need to be collected and reviewed. Unfortunately, some injuries are not preventable or they are suffered despite everyone’s best efforts.

However, by examining the specifics of the injury in a legal context, it can be possible to identify decisions or actions that were unreasonable, negligent or dangerous. For example, were there signs of fetal distress that were ignored? Were medical devices like forceps used improperly? Did doctors fail to warn a mother about the potential risks of taking certain medication during pregnancy?

Without a medical background, it can be all but impossible to identify these types of misconduct. Without a legal background, you may not be able to build a claim connecting these errors to the resulting injuries. However, you must understand that this does not mean you are powerless.

The attorneys at our firm have the legal knowledge and connections to the medical community that can prove to be essential in pursuing birth injury claims. By discussing your case with us, you can learn about your rights and pursue the accountability and compensation you may deserve.

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