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Posts tagged "Hospital Negligence"

Neonatal ICU sees errors drop thanks to change of patient IDs

It's not something anyone likes to picture, but sometimes the birth of a child doesn't go as planned, and as a result the baby needs to be rushed to neonatal ICU. In these cases, the parents may not have had time to pass along the name of their baby to the medical professionals -- or maybe they didn't even have a baby name picked out yet.

What should ER doctors do to avoid medical errors?

The frenetic pace of the emergency department of busy hospitals can quickly form the perfect storm for medical errors to occur.A frequent cause of many malpractice claims is the doctor failing to diagnose potentially deadly but often readily treatable conditions like:

Proving medical malpractice isn't as easy as it seems

Imagine that when you go in for surgery at your local hospital, the worst case scenario occurs. An error was made during your surgery, and now you are in a much worse place medically. Though it would seem to be such a straightforward task to point out negligence in this case, it actually isn't as easy as it may seem. It's not as if you can just point to a chart or medical record and say "See? This proves it was medical malpractice!"

An anesthesiologist's negligence could lead to injuries or worse

A lot of people become anxious after being told that they will need surgery. That's because most people have heard, at one time or another, a story about a medical mistake that occurred while in a surgery room. From horror stories about medical instruments being left inside patients to gruesome tales of a surgeon removing something they weren't supposed to, it's no wonder these stories terrify people so much. Most people don't want to suffer the same fate.

Medical malpractice award amounts not dependent on patient age

A number of myths continue to influence the American public’s perception of medical malpractice issues. For example, a myth that does not seem to die down significantly at any point insists that large medical malpractice awards cause spikes in healthcare costs for everyone else. In truth, numerous studies have confirmed that this is definitely not the case.