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Does the way your doctor treat you affect your health?

When it is time for you to visit your doctor, chances are you have done some degree of research in finding a health care provider who you trust to give you the attention and care that you need. In fact, in doing your research for trustworthy doctors in Indiana, you have probably read about what you can do to protect yourself against errors made by reckless, careless or distracted doctors. However, have you ever considered that just the way your doctor treats you could also affect your general wellbeing?

Asking the right questions can protect your safety

When the time comes for you to go visit your doctor, chances are you have done some research to find a health care provider that you trust to give you thorough and effective care. What you may not know, is that doctor errors are far more common than many people realize. Despite efforts by health care facilities to better protocols designed to keep patients safer, there are things that you can do as well to facilitate your protection. At Garau Germano PC, we have helped many people in Indiana to work through challenging cases where they have been the victims of medical malpractice. 

What factors lead to incorrect drug prescriptions?

When you receive a prescription from your Indiana doctor after a hospital stay or examination, you should be confident that the prescribed medication is what you need to treat your condition or help you recover without causing you any additional health problems. But sometimes patients can be prescribed the wrong drug. This should not happen, but it does, thanks to a number of factors that can make a health care provider confuse one drug for another.

What are some common errors made in emergency rooms?

If you have a medical emergency in Indianapolis, your first thought may be to go to a local emergency room. You, like many other people who go to emergency rooms, expect to receive a certain level of care for their medical concerns. However, emergency rooms are staffed with doctors and nurses who are people just like you and likely to make mistakes. 

2 common surgical mistakes patients should know about

Many people in the Indianapolis area place their trust in surgeons and health care staff without realizing they are human too. Health care professionals are prone to mistakes, especially in the operating room. In the medical world, surgical mistakes are referred to as never events. According to, never events are medical errors that should never occur that often have catastrophic consequences for patients. 

Asking your doctor questions can keep you safer

Whether you are visiting the doctor for a routine checkup, or are inquiring about a treatment plan for uncomfortable symptoms, it is imperative that you play an active role in facilitating your health care needs. One of the most effective ways you can do this is to communicate with your doctor and discuss your concerns, questions and feelings about your future and treatment options. At Garau Germano PC, we understand the risks that patients face when seeking medical treatment in Indiana. 

How much time should your doctor spend with you?

You never want to feel as though you are being hurriedly shuffled through a service you are receiving, least of all when visiting the doctor in Indianapolis. When you are sick or injured, you rightly expect whoever treats you to take the time needed to listen to your concerns, accurately diagnose your condition and develop an effective treatment plan to correct it. Yet how long should that take? It may be difficult to assign an ideal treatment time due to no two medical problems being exactly alike. Ultimately, however, you should feel comfortable with the amount of time your doctor spends with you. 

Do you know the key elements of informed consent?

When you agree to undergo a medical procedure and end up with a poor outcome, you may find yourself thinking you would have never agreed to it had you know that your complications were a possible outcome. You may feel like your situation is an isolated one and struggling to deal with the aftermath. However, many people in the Indianapolis area find themselves facing similar circumstances. What originally seems like general consent for treatment often becomes evidence in medical malpractice claims. 

What factors put your doctor at risk of error?

If you are preparing to receive medical treatment in Indiana, chances are you have done your due diligence to find a health care provider who you trust and respect. However, any doctor is at risk of making mistakes regardless of his or her background, education and experience. Fortunately, you may be able to avoid becoming a victim of a preventable oversight simply by being aware of the primary factors that put your doctor at risk of making a mistake.