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Meconium aspiration syndrome and infant brain injuries

Throughout its development in the womb, a fetus experiences many physical changes. These changes are intended to help the baby get ready for birth. For example, the manner in which an infant breathes changes drastically after birth. And it is very important for the doctor and staff who are performing the delivery to monitor a baby's vital signs to be ready to take emergency measures in case complications with the infant's breathing arise. 

Parents need to carefully monitor babies to catch symptoms of CP

Cerebral palsy is a condition that typically develops as a result of a brain injury suffered during birth. And while many of those who carry the condition grow up to lead productive and happy lives, they must face many obstacles that most people never have to contend with. And those whose condition is especially severe may always require special care.

Help your baby by caring for yourself

It is not unusual for an expectant mother to worry about her baby's health. And if you are pregnant, you no doubt want your baby to come into the world healthy and strong. But while you wait for the big day to arrive, you need to take good care of yourself. By taking measures to bolster your health, you are also supplementing your baby's well-being.

What are some risk factors for preeclampsia?

Giving birth to a stillborn baby can be an extremely traumatic experience. A mother goes from thrilled at the expectation of having a baby to dealing with the grief of losing a child. There are a number of possible causes for stillbirths. Previously on this blog we covered one possible culprit: preeclampsia. In that post, we described some of the symptoms and tests that can be administered by doctors to detect the condition.

What are some of the symptoms of cerebral palsy?

When a couple has a child, they hope that he or she is in perfect health and ready to grow and live normally. But sadly, sometimes children suffer birth injuries and develop conditions that can prove problematic. Cerebral palsy is one such condition that can alter the course of a child's life.

When a doctor's error leads to permanent problems

Becoming a parent is simultaneously a joyful and terrifying process. When a baby is born, parents are prepared to face colic and sleepless nights. They're ready to deal with baby proofing and ear infections. They are not ready to hear that their baby has a lifelong disability that was caused by a medical error.

Stillborn rate in U.S. has not moved for 15 years

For parents who have lost a child, the grief is tremendous. With a pregnancy comes the expectation of a normal birth and a child. Unlike some conditions, pregnancy seems so normal, and so many proceed with few issues that it is shockingly disorienting for something to go wrong and to leave a couple without a child.

The magnitude of the harm

Birth injuries are among the most affecting of all medical malpractice cases, in both senses of the word "affect." They affect the health of the child, leaving them with a lifetime of medical consequences and they are affecting emotionally because they cause harm to an infant, who is most dependent on us for all of their care.

Taking control after birth injuries

Pregnancy is an exciting, stressful time in any parent's life. There are so many things a pregnant woman is supposed to do to protect her unborn child and mothers-to-be go to great lengths to ensure they are taking what they need to take and avoiding what they need to avoid in the hopes of delivering a healthy baby.