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Failure to heed fetal monitor strips frequent source of Indiana medical malpractice

Birth injury can be devastating, leaving its victims with serious permanent impairments. Indiana medical malpractice lawyers frequently handle cases where birth injuries could have been prevented if doctors had heeded the warnings provided by fetal monitor strips.

Differential diagnosis and Indiana medical malpractice

The concept of differential diagnosis is often at the heart of Indiana medical malpractice trials. A differential diagnosis is the process used by doctors to determine the cause of a patient's symptoms. The doctor creates a list of the conditions that could be causing the patient's problems, and then pares down the list through a process of elimination until a diagnosis is determined.

Indiana medical malpractice lawyers fight for uninsured patients

The Indiana medical malpractice lawyers at Garau Germano Hanley & Pennington, P.C. have filed suit againstClarian Health Partners, claiming that the Indianapolis-based health care giant charges unreasonable rates for services provided to uninsured patients.The class-action lawsuit could change the way medical services are billed by Indiana hospitals and health care facilities.

Indiana medical malpractice frequently result of communications failures

Indiana medical malpractice lawyers have seen the situation many times: A doctor recognizes the patient's potential problem and orders the right test to confirm his suspicion. Unfortunately, when the abnormal test result comes back confirming the doctor's suspicion, the patient is not notified. Months or years go by before the patient's condition is finally diagnosed.

Indiana medical malpractice and DVT: Prevention can save lives

The Indiana medical malpractice lawyers at Garau Germano Hanley & Pennington, P.C. are frequently faced with cases involving deep vein thrombosis. Deep vein thrombosis (or DVT) is a condition where a blood clot forms in one or more the body's deep veins, usually in the lower legs.

Indiana medical malpractice lawyers deal with negligent gallbladder surgeries

Indiana medical malpractice lawyers frequently must deal with issues concerning negligently performed gallbladder surgery. Injuries to patients from these surgeries can be devastating, leading to massive medical expenses, permanent liver damage, or even death.

Indiana medical malpractice lawyers argue before Indiana Supreme Court

The Indiana medical malpractice lawyers of Garau Germano Hanley & Pennington, P.C.recently argued an important case before the Indiana Supreme Court. The issue raised in the case is whether family members who witness the death or injury of their loved one as a result of medical malpractice may recover for their emotional distress under Indiana's Medical Malpractice Act.

Indiana Medical Malpractice Lawyers Know Tort Reform Doesn't Lower Medical Costs

Indiana medical malpractice lawyers have heard the arguments in the ongoing healthcare debate: If you limit what injured patients can recover in malpractice suits, you will lower health care costs. The problem with the argument is it's just not true.

Indiana medical malpractice lawyers to argue before Indiana Supreme Court

A major issue in Indiana medical malpractice law will be presented to the Indiana Supreme Court on November 12. On that date, the court will hear arguments in the case of Indiana Patient's Compensation Fund v. Patrick. Among the issues presented by the case is the question of whether emotional distress claims may be pursued under the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act.