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Deceased inmate's family blames his death on medical malpractice

When someone in Indiana is injured or seeking quality medical treatment, they often rely on the education, experience and vigilance of qualified health care professionals to provide effective care and assistance. Unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons including human error, side-stepping the rules and even fatigue, doctors can make mistakes which put their patients at risk of injury or death. 

Care center accused of putting profits before patients

The healthcare system in Indianapolis extends far beyond clinics and hospitals. A patient's care may require long-term oversight, which could require a stay at a nursing home or skilled nursing facility. While the staffs at such facilities typically do not have the same level of training and expertise as those in hospitals, surgical centers or even outpatient clinics, they are caregivers nonetheless. That title charges them to devote the same level of commitment to patient care and safety as one would expect to receive at any other healthcare facility. A failure to deliver on that expectation may certainly be viewed as negligence. 

What is the link between infections and medical malpractice?

When people go to hospitals and surgical centers in Indianapolis for medical procedures, they do so with the expectation they will leave in better health than when they arrived. Unfortunately, 75,000 people die from, and 648,000 develop infections they acquired during their time in hospitals and medical care centers every year, states Consumer Reports. Many of these infections occur because of provider negligence and failure to diagnose and treat errors. 

Study links nurses’ mental health to medical errors

Nurses in Indianapolis and across the country play a critical role in the delivery of health care. They are often the first and last face a patient sees when they are receiving medical care. Because of the demands of their careers, some nurses become unhealthy, overworked, tired and depressed. They struggle to maintain a healthy work/life balance. 

Is care equal for uninsured patients?

With so many concerns over proper medical insurance coverage, it should not be surprising that many people in Indiana worry that without insurance, they will not get the best medical care. You may worry if you do not have insurance coverage. Are you getting the same level of care as someone who does have insurance?

How accurate are medical test results?

When you go to a doctor, you expect that they will do everything to discover what is wrong with you. You put your trust in their expertise and abilities to heal you. However, doctors alone cannot diagnose many conditions. You may also need to get testing done at an Indiana medical facility. When it comes to medical tests, you may be alarmed to hear that many of them suffer from accuracy issues.

Highlighting retained surgical instrument cases

Almost everyone in Indianapolis has likely heard horror stories about people who have underwent surgery later discovering that instruments doctors used in their procedures ended up getting left in their bodies. While some may have a hard time believing such tales, statistics show that not only do such accidents happen, but also that they may be more common than most would think. Information shared by the Joint Commission shows that between 2005-2012, it received reports of 772 cases of retained surgical instruments. Such errors often cause problems in patients much greater than those they originally sought surgical treatment for. 

The dangers of false positive test results

When a patient sees a doctor in Indiana, he or she has a reasonable expectation that the doctor will not make an errors. However, when it comes to medical tests, more people than just the doctor are involved. This increases the chances a mistake will be made. In fact, false positive results are quite common, according to MedScape.

3 ways nurses can avoid mistakes

Nurses are often the first and last health care professionals many patients in Indiana interact with when they are in hospitals and medical clinics. Many of them are so overworked that mistakes are a common occurrence. Nursing errors often lead to long-term pain, poor health, suffering, death and heartache for patients and their families. 

What are some examples of surgical errors?

From birth injuries that never should have occurred to mistakes involving the prescription of medication, there are many examples of medical malpractice. However, those which involve a surgical error can be especially devastating in Indianapolis, and in other cities across Indiana. When these mistakes occur, they can generate a wide variety of problems for patients and even their loved ones, from severe physical pain to mental trauma, financial turmoil and even the loss of life.