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Be ready to substantiate your medical malpractice claim

When you entrust your health care to a licensed physician, nurse or practitioner, you can reasonably expect that those caring for you will provide any and all treatment necessary to maintain or restore good health. If you have a particular condition that requires surgery to rectify, there's an obvious personal risk involved with undergoing treatment. However, even leading up to, during and following surgery, you are entitled to high quality care, according to accepted safety standards and existing industry protocol and regulations.

Did you leave your last surgery with a little something extra?

Unless you're the recipient of an organ transplant or a pacemaker, you likely left the operating room expecting to have something repaired or removed. You probably didn't anticipate leaving with something extra and unsuspected. Yet for thousands of patients every year, this is the reality. Surgeons and their assistants fail to follow basic established protocols and carelessly leave foreign objects inside a patient's body following an operation.

Is it your job to prevent a medication error?

The fact that you even have to consider preventing a medication error on your own indicates a real problem in the medical industry. You should be able to trust that the medical personnel (doctors, nurses and others) have your best interests in mind and will diligently work to make sure that an error of any kind doesn't happen.

Putting the "info" in "informed consent"

When you are suffering from an illness or injury, sometimes there are a number of treatment options available. Other times, the choice may be between only two methods, or perhaps there's only one available medical procedure, operation or medication to address your issue. Maybe the first option has a higher likelihood of success while the second is less painful, or perhaps a medication may be highly effective but could have side effects that you would find unbearable. The point is that you, the patient, should be the one to decide.

How a second opinion can save not just your wallet, but your life

If a doctor has recently diagnosed you with a serious condition or illness, you may be feeling any of a variety of emotions:  fear, worry, trepidation, anxiety and more. However, before you become too overwhelmed or begin any expensive and intrusive treatments, you may want to consider seeking a second opinion.

#SMH: Is your doctor texting during surgery?

Do you remember going out to dinner with someone and beginning an intense conversation? Perhaps you had something important to tell, or you finally felt comfortable enough to share something personal. However, just as you were feeling a connection, the other person pulled out a cellphone and proceeded to scroll.

Retained surgical tools could cause you to suffer

Many Indiana residents may have a fear of undergoing surgery. The reasons behind these apprehensions can vary from person to person, but the possibility of mistakes made during procedures often act as a leading cause. You certainly have the right to feel hesitant toward operations as many people do suffer negative effects from medical malpractice.