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Posts tagged "Doctor Errors"

What are the common doctor errors?

There are many ways within the medical industry to reduce mistakes and errors through technology, but the human factor in care will always be present, so errors will happen. It is essential that anyone working in the medical field follows procedures and takes care when working with patients to avoid mistakes that could pose a serious health risk. However, you should be aware of the errors that occur the most often so you can be proactive with your health care in Indiana.

When should you seek a second opinion?

Going to the doctor in Indiana may be a nerve-wracking experience for you. It can get even worse when the doctor tells you that something is wrong. However, you have the right to see another doctor and get a second opinion. Doing this can be helpful in many ways. You may not know, though, when you should seek a second opinion.

What are the signs of a doctor with a substance abuse problem?

You expect your Indiana doctor is competent and focused when treating you. This is reasonable. It is professional. However, doctors are only human, and some of them fall into the trap of addiction. In fact, the Delphi Behavioral Health Group explains that health workers have the highest rate of addiction. One in 10 workers will have an addiction problem.

How can I file a complaint against a medical provider?

When you get medical care in Indiana, you expect your doctor to provide you with proper care. When he or she drops the ball and does not do a good job of handling your medical needs, you have ever right to be upset and do something about it. According to the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, there are several options you have to make a complaint.

What is informed consent?

Before a doctor in Indiana treats you for an illness, injury or other medical condition, he or she must first acquire informed consent from you. You can help your doctor to provide you with the best care possible if you understand what informed consent is, in which situations it is not necessary and what role you have to play in the process as a patient.

What do I do if I learn my doctor has been sued?

Naturally, if you seek medical care in the state of Indiana, making sure you have a top quality doctor is one of your prime concerns. But while researching the background of your physician, you find out your doctor has been sued in the past. Knowing this, you probably fear that your doctor is careless or untrustworthy. Before you decide to drop your doctor, consider some important factors that might help you determine whether you can trust your physican.

What should I look for in a doctor?

When visiting your doctor in Indiana, you expect quality care. However, in some cases, a particular doctor's office will provide subpar care, which can actually impact your overall health and well-being. Fortunately, there are some signs you can look out for that may point to poor medical care, as illustrated by U.S. News & World Report.

Is doctor burnout a problem?

When a doctor in Indiana makes a mistake, it is a huge deal. This is not the type of job where errors can go unchecked. One of the things that may lead to doctor errors is burnout. According to Harvard Medical School, doctor burnout is when a medical professional has a loss of enthusiasm for the job. He or she no longer receives any satisfaction from the work and may feel a detachment from it. A doctor going through burnout may also struggle with work-life balance.

Use these tips when filling out medical consent forms

Whenever you visit a new health care provider for the first time, you will be required to fill out medical consent forms. These documents are designed to provide you an opportunity to disclose personal information about your health history and current symptoms. They are also given in circumstances when you may require a certain treatment and your consent is needed to continue necessary procedures. At Garau Germano PC, we have helped many people in Indiana to learn about how their vigilance can help reduce the frequency of medical errors.