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October 2018 Archives

Can you protect yourself from wrong-site surgery?

When your health care provider in Indiana recommends surgery as a solution for your treatment, one of the first concerns you may have is regarding pain levels and recovery. However, while these topics are essential to address, it is also imperative that you are familiar with tactics to keep yourself safe from surgical errors. Because your surgeon is performing lots of surgeries on many different patients, it is not entirely guaranteed that he or she will not make a mistake. 

Heuristics in healthcare

Most in Indianapolis understand that doctors are human and thus subject to errors in judgment just like everyone else. Such errors are the reason why misdiagnoses rank among the most common medical errors reported in the U.S. (indeed, information shared by CBS News shows that 12 million Americans are misdiagnosed annually). Diagnostic methods in healthcare to have limitations, yet its the reason behind misdiagnoses that often prompts people to take legal action. 

What do I do if I learn my doctor has been sued?

Naturally, if you seek medical care in the state of Indiana, making sure you have a top quality doctor is one of your prime concerns. But while researching the background of your physician, you find out your doctor has been sued in the past. Knowing this, you probably fear that your doctor is careless or untrustworthy. Before you decide to drop your doctor, consider some important factors that might help you determine whether you can trust your physican.

It's your doctor's job to determine if you need a c-section

You may be one of many women in Indiana who describe the experience of having a baby as one of the most rewarding yet challenging events in life. If you recently learned you were pregnant, you have hopefully begun building a strong support network and will enjoy a healthy and happy pregnancy. In approximately 40 weeks, you'll be holding your newborn child! 

How serious is a premature membrane rupture?

One of the steps of labors is the rupturing of the membranes. When this occurs too early, before 37 weeks, it is called premature rupture of the membranes, according to Parents. PROM does not happen often, but it can cause serious issues. That is why your Indiana doctor must monitor you after PROM occurs.

What should I look for in a doctor?

When visiting your doctor in Indiana, you expect quality care. However, in some cases, a particular doctor's office will provide subpar care, which can actually impact your overall health and well-being. Fortunately, there are some signs you can look out for that may point to poor medical care, as illustrated by U.S. News & World Report.