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September 2018 Archives

Delayed treatment a problem in test result errors

If you have to undergo a radiological test in Indiana, you should be able to trust that the information you receive back after that test is accurate. Whether your test is part of a regular, routine screening or something you have done to investigate a suspected problem, correct test data is imperative. Sadly, it appears that many patients do not receive the right information after they have these types of test.

Is doctor burnout a problem?

When a doctor in Indiana makes a mistake, it is a huge deal. This is not the type of job where errors can go unchecked. One of the things that may lead to doctor errors is burnout. According to Harvard Medical School, doctor burnout is when a medical professional has a loss of enthusiasm for the job. He or she no longer receives any satisfaction from the work and may feel a detachment from it. A doctor going through burnout may also struggle with work-life balance.

Has your doctor misdiagnosed you?

Perhaps you woke up one morning with a strange sensation, or you began noticing pain, discomfort or pressure you had never felt before. Maybe your symptoms overtook you suddenly, landing you in the emergency room. Your doctor undoubtedly ran diagnostic tests that may have included blood work, scans and endless questions before referring you to a specialist.

Lawsuit alleging negligence settled, patient awarded $2M

When people visit their health care provider in Indiana to seek medical assistance, chances are they have usually done their research to find a doctor who they trust and are comfortable with. However, sometimes doctors can make critical mistakes that leave the well-being and safety of their patients in question. As such, it is important that people are aware of what negligence is so they can immediately respond if they are the recipients of questionable medical care. 

What does proper prenatal care entail?

If you are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, you have probably been told by your Indiana doctor how important it is to get proper prenatal care. This is the care you receive during your pregnancy to ensure your health and the health of your baby. However, what exactly is proper prenatal care and what does it entail?

Use these tips when filling out medical consent forms

Whenever you visit a new health care provider for the first time, you will be required to fill out medical consent forms. These documents are designed to provide you an opportunity to disclose personal information about your health history and current symptoms. They are also given in circumstances when you may require a certain treatment and your consent is needed to continue necessary procedures. At Garau Germano PC, we have helped many people in Indiana to learn about how their vigilance can help reduce the frequency of medical errors.