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March 2018 Archives

Using mental activity to protect your loved one in a nursing home

If you have made the decision to place your elderly loved one in an Indiana nursing home, chances are you have begun to compare your options to find a facility that best mirrors the needs of your family member. At Garau Germano PC, we know it can be challenging to help your loved one make the transition from being independent to needing help. We have been able to help many families to navigate the challenges that sometimes arise in a nursing home environment. 

Be ready to substantiate your medical malpractice claim

When you entrust your health care to a licensed physician, nurse or practitioner, you can reasonably expect that those caring for you will provide any and all treatment necessary to maintain or restore good health. If you have a particular condition that requires surgery to rectify, there's an obvious personal risk involved with undergoing treatment. However, even leading up to, during and following surgery, you are entitled to high quality care, according to accepted safety standards and existing industry protocol and regulations.

What can you expect during your preemie's NICU stay?

If you are expecting the arrival of your new baby in Indiana, chances are you have spent considerable time preparing and organizing to make your little one's transition smooth and exciting. However, there are undoubtedly times when infants arrive earlier than anticipated and may require extra care before they are allowed to return home with their parents. If you are concerned about your infant being premature or have received word from your doctor that your baby could be a preemie, you may benefit from understanding what types of equipment and procedures are used in the NICU to provide reliable assistance to your new little family member. 

What risk does a vacuum extraction pose during childbirth?

Expecting mothers in Indiana have numerous tools at their disposal to aid in a difficult labor. Sometimes, natural births are not possible or healthy for you or your child. In these situations, an alternate method may be proposed. Vacuum extraction is one possibility.

2 common surgical mistakes patients should know about

Many people in the Indianapolis area place their trust in surgeons and health care staff without realizing they are human too. Health care professionals are prone to mistakes, especially in the operating room. In the medical world, surgical mistakes are referred to as never events. According to, never events are medical errors that should never occur that often have catastrophic consequences for patients.