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What Leads to a Misdiagnosis?

A misdiagnosis of a medical condition in Indiana can be a very serious issue leading to complications, more severe symptoms, extensive damage to your body or death. It is important to understand what may cause this to occur so it can be avoided. Health Grades notes that there are many factors that play into a misdiagnosis with medical personnel and patients holding some responsibility.

Medical personnel can make mistakes in many ways that lead to missing what is really wrong with you or mistaking what is wrong for something else. Doctors may order the wrong tests or read results incorrectly. They might not look deep enough at your symptoms or be too quick to diagnose you. Some doctors may not have knowledge of whatever is ailing you and mistake it for another condition.

However, it is not just doctors who can make mistakes. Those doing tests can make errors that produce erroneous results. They could also read results incorrectly or make wrong judgment calls on tests that rely on human interpretation.

You also hold some responsibility for your health care. Some things you do can lead to you being incorrectly diagnosed. If you do not report all your symptoms to your doctor, you could be holding back essential information needed to properly figure out what is wrong. You also have to get all the tests ordered. The doctor can only work with the information he or she has and not having it all leads to misdiagnoses. This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.


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