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What Methods Can Be Used to Diagnose Cerebral Palsy?

If your baby is having issues with movement or seems to be slow in reaching developmental benchmarks, it would be very wise to take him or her to a doctor for a diagnosis. Often, such symptoms are things the baby will grow out of and not long-term issues. However, if the baby has developed cerebral palsy, he or she may need special care. CP is a condition that is related to the brain and could be due to an abnormality or injury.

To diagnose CP, a doctor will assess the baby's complete medical history and perform a physical exam. The doctor also evaluates the baby's symptoms and performs a thorough neurological exam. In addition, the doctor may order other forms of tests, which could include the following:

  • Taking blood samples, the results of which can be used to rule out other conditions, including bleeding disorders, which may produce symptoms similar to CP.
  • An MRI scan, which employs radio wave and powerful magnets to create precise brain images. An MRI scan that can pinpoint any brain abnormalities or injuries.
  • A CT scan, which produces cross-sectional brain images and can reveal brain damage.
  • An Electroencephalogram test, which evaluates the brain's electrical activity.

If your baby is diagnosed with CP, it is very important to trace its origin. It is possible that the baby suffered the injury due to negligence on behalf of a doctor or other healthcare professional involved in the delivery.

If your baby is diagnosed with CP and medical negligence is a suspected cause, you may want to get in touch with a seasoned birth injury attorney. The attorney can help you investigate what happened before and during the delivery and look for any possible incidents of negligence. Depending on the weight of the evidence, you may wish to have the attorney pursue legal action on your behalf.


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