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August 2017 Archives

3 ways nurses can avoid mistakes

Nurses are often the first and last health care professionals many patients in Indiana interact with when they are in hospitals and medical clinics. Many of them are so overworked that mistakes are a common occurrence. Nursing errors often lead to long-term pain, poor health, suffering, death and heartache for patients and their families. 

#SMH: Is your doctor texting during surgery?

Do you remember going out to dinner with someone and beginning an intense conversation? Perhaps you had something important to tell, or you finally felt comfortable enough to share something personal. However, just as you were feeling a connection, the other person pulled out a cellphone and proceeded to scroll.

What is newborn jaundice?

If you have recently had a baby in an Indiana hospital, you may have noticed a yellow tinge to your baby's skin or the whites of his or her eyes. This is an indication of a condition called jaundice. Medical News Today defines jaundice as the buildup of bilirubin your baby's body after birth. His or her body may not be able to break down the extra bilirubin, which is a side effect of exiting the womb. Therefore, it stays in the body.

What are some examples of surgical errors?

From birth injuries that never should have occurred to mistakes involving the prescription of medication, there are many examples of medical malpractice. However, those which involve a surgical error can be especially devastating in Indianapolis, and in other cities across Indiana. When these mistakes occur, they can generate a wide variety of problems for patients and even their loved ones, from severe physical pain to mental trauma, financial turmoil and even the loss of life.