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May 2017 Archives

Fifth of patients with serious illnesses are initially misdiagnosed

Diagnosing an illness is not an easy task for any doctor. There are thousands of possible diseases, and even with advancements in medical technology, doctor still rely on a relatively small sample of symptoms to make their diagnoses. However, a recent study says that 20% of patients who turned to a second opinion following a serious diagnosis had been substantially misdiagnosed in the first place.

What are some common hospital negligence issues?

During a visit to an Indiana hospital, you probably think that you will be taken care of and whatever ails you will be made better. The last thing you may think about is something going wrong due to hospital negligence. However, this happens more often than you may think. Consumer Reports outlines a couple common negligence issues that occur in hospitals.

Understanding placental abruptions

Pregnancy is supposed to be a joyous time for parents-to-be in Indiana, but sometimes things can go wrong. Even if an issue naturally occurs, there can be times when doctor errors result in birth injuries. For example, placental abruptions naturally occur, but if a doctor does not react properly to treat the condition, it can have devastating effects.

What is the cause of medical misdiagnosis?

Medical misdiagnosis is an issue that often goes ignored in the United States. Trusted health care professionals are thought to be error proof, and help us by eradicating disease and saving lives. Physicians are, however, human, and therefore, make mistakes just like the rest of the population. A study looking at cases of medical errors in outpatient clinics and emergency room settings brings to light the true prevalence of the problem.

What you should know about epidurals

Whether you have given birth before, or you are looking forward to having your first child, you may be interested in receiving an epidural. Millions of women get epidurals as a form of pain management while going through labor. Although this anesthetic medication can bring great relief to women suffering from exceptional pain, there are also risks associated with them. At Garau Germano, P.C., we know that even the slightest mistake in anesthesia administration can lead to permanent damage.

Nursing shortage could lead to an increase in errors

Nurses are one of the most trusted professions in the nation. People rely on these health care professionals to provide exceptional medical treatment while they are on the mend. Nurses must be licensed and well-qualified to work in hospitals, doctors' offices and nursing homes. However, a shortage of nurses may mean an increase in errors and a decrease in quality treatment.