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March 2017 Archives

Many birth injuries are preventable

It can be a devastating experience to have the glorious event of a child’s birth turn into a terrifying situation involving a birth injury in Indiana. Babies are the most at risk, though mothers can experience injuries, too. There are many reasons why these injuries can occur. According to Stanford Children’s Health, physical injuries to a baby can occur due to a difficult labor or one that is prolonged, prematurity, the mother’s pelvis being too narrow or the baby being too big.

A birth injury can mean a lifetime of struggles and expenses

It can be devastating to learn that your baby has a condition that will negatively impact his or her life. It seems it should be a basic right for all children to come into the world with a fair chance of growing up normally and becoming happy and productive. But if a newborn suffers a brain injury during the delivery, the effects could last anywhere from a few months to an entire lifetime.

Study finds miscommunication a problem in hospitals

Keeping the lines of communication open is important in every work environment. Serious mistakes can occur when co-workers are not on the same page. And sometimes, these mistakes can cost a business time and money. But when a staff member in a hospital fails to communicate effectively, the results could lead to patients suffering serious injuries.