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What Are Some of the Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy?

When a couple has a child, they hope that he or she is in perfect health and ready to grow and live normally. But sadly, sometimes children suffer birth injuries and develop conditions that can prove problematic. Cerebral palsy is one such condition that can alter the course of a child's life.

But how can parents tell if their child has cerebral palsy? Well, CP symptoms can vary with the child's age. A child who is not yet six months old may overextend his or her head while being cradled. Also, the child's body may be overly floppy or stiff.

If the child is over six months old, then he or she may be unable to roll over to the left and right or have difficulty bringing his or her hands together or to the mouth. And for children who are more than a year old, the inability to crawl or stand with assistance could signal the presence of CP.

When a child suffers from CP, he or she may not achieve important developmental milestones in a normal time frame. These milestones can include the ability to smile, play with others and point at objects. If you observe that your child's development appears to be lagging, it is a good idea to have a physician conduct a thorough examination. And if the exam reveals the existence of cerebral palsy, you have a right to know what may have caused the condition.

If you suspect that your child developed cerebral palsy due to the negligent actions of a physician or other medical professional, you may want to ask a medical malpractice attorney to look into the matter. Depending on the severity of your child's symptoms, he or she may need expensive, long-term treatment. The attorney could work to discover who holds liability and help you get compensation to help defray your costs of care.


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