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August 2016 Archives

Medication errors by nurses could prove fatal

Nurses play a pivotal role in today's hospitals. They are responsible for monitoring patients and paying close attention to their condition. Nurses are typically charged with issuing patients their medication. Attention to detail is absolutely critical when performing this task. If a patient receives the wrong medicine or an incorrect dosage, the results could be tragic.

What are some risk factors for preeclampsia?

Giving birth to a stillborn baby can be an extremely traumatic experience. A mother goes from thrilled at the expectation of having a baby to dealing with the grief of losing a child. There are a number of possible causes for stillbirths. Previously on this blog we covered one possible culprit: preeclampsia. In that post, we described some of the symptoms and tests that can be administered by doctors to detect the condition.

Study indicates surgical robots involved in fatal injuries

Some of the surgical methods employed by today's doctors seemed to be the products of yesterday's science fiction. And while the applications of modern technology have opened the door for new and effective ways of treating patients, it seems we still have not arrived at the point where the latest surgical devices always perform perfectly. And as such, patients are still vulnerable to injuries caused by these new machines.