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April 2016 Archives

Are doctors performing too many cesareans?

A birth of any child is an amazing event. But even the most routine pregnancies carry a risk. In pregnancies where the risks become too high for a vaginal birth to proceed, a cesarean procedure will be ordered. This makes medical sense, and you presume your doctor will keep a careful watch on you and your baby's condition. If your doctor informs you that you need a cesarean, you will assume it is because of some type of medical necessity.

How do you know you have a good doctor?

When it comes to choosing a doctor, people here in Indiana and across the nation may use a variety of methods. They may see the doctor their parents saw, or one that was recommended by friend, or they may have chosen one randomly from a list provide by their insurer or health plan. In the case of an emergency room visit, they may have had little to do with the choosing.