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February 2016 Archives

The magnitude of the harm

Birth injuries are among the most affecting of all medical malpractice cases, in both senses of the word "affect." They affect the health of the child, leaving them with a lifetime of medical consequences and they are affecting emotionally because they cause harm to an infant, who is most dependent on us for all of their care.

Deadlines and facts are important in a medical malpractice case

During a personal injury lawsuit, there is typically a complaint and a response. After those documents are filed with the court, a party can file a motion for summary judgment. This motion says that even if everything in the complaint is 100 percent true, there is no valid claim and the lawsuit should be dismissed against the defendant.

Medical malpractice damage cap reform has died in legislature

The reform attempt in the Indiana legislature to amend the state's limits on medical malpractice damage caps has hit a roadblock, as negotiations have broken down between the parties over a failure to agree on the terms of the amendment.