Personal Injury And Wrongful Death

The attorneys of Garau Germano, P.C., are committed to achieving justice on behalf of individuals and families that have been hurt or injured as a result of another party or company's negligence or error. These mistakes or disregard for the safety of others can cause lasting pain and loss, and we advocate on each victim's behalf to ensure that he or she is provided a sense of closure and compensation for the pain that was endured.

Personal Injury And Wrongful Death — Representing Individuals Throughout Indianapolis And Indiana

The firm handles all forms of personal injury, including:

Car and truck accidents — We advocate on your behalf to the insurance companies and negligent parties to ensure that you are provided maximum compensation. In cases of trucking accidents, we will zealously pursue the responsible trucking company.

Product liability — Our lawyers bring accountability to companies and manufacturers who put unsafe equipment, products and vehicles on the marketplace, causing harm to consumers and the public.

Premises liability — Store and venue owners are responsible to ensure that those visiting are protected from accidents. Our firm will seek compensation for accidents caused by these parties and companies' negligence.

Legal malpractice — If you have been granted an unfair verdict or settlement due to the inattentiveness or incompetence of another firm or attorney, we are able to seek compensation on your behalf for legal malpractice.

In each matter, we will thoroughly investigate the incident and determine where fault and liability lie, as well as what should have been done to protect you or your loved one. While monetary compensation and awards cannot reverse the pain and loss you have experienced, they can help to cover any medical or treatment costs you may have incurred.

To learn more about other forms of personal injury our firm has been successful in pursuing, please contact us today at 317-643-4232 or toll free at 800-631-6743.