Surgical Errors

Surgical errors are a frequent source of medical malpractice claims. When surgeons fail to exercise reasonable care in treating their patients, serious injury or death can result.

Attorneys Providing Representation For Patients Injured By Surgeon Negligence And Surgical Errors

At Garau Germano, P.C., we have substantial experience in pursuing medical malpractice claims arising from negligence in the operating suite. We have the resources and expertise necessary to pursue these cases, and will work with medical experts to prove where the surgeon's negligence and the harm it caused the patient.

Surgical errors occur in many forms. Many times, the error is caused by the surgeon's failure to properly identify a structure before cutting it. For instance, in removing a gallbladder, a surgeon may not take the appropriate steps to identify the common bile duct and will mistakenly cut that vital structure, causing immense damage to the patient. Other surgical malpractice cases arise from the surgeon's failure to recognize that a complication has occurred during the surgery and to take timely steps to address that complication. Nicking the bowel during many abdominal surgeries is frequently a risk of the surgery that can occur without negligence on the part of the surgeon. However, a surgeon may be negligent if he or she fails to promptly recognize that the bowel has been nicked and fails to promptly take steps to repair the injury.

Some examples of cases involving surgery mistakes that have been successfully pursued by our lawyers include:

  • A surgeon performing a mediastinoscopy negligently cuts an artery, resulting in the patient's death.
  • A surgeon fails to recognize signs and symptoms of a bowel perforation following an abdominal surgery, resulting in the patient's death.
  • A surgeon performing a hernia repair mistakenly cuts an artery, leading to massive blood, loss, multiple surgeries and permanent impairment for the patient.

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